The logistics services of Pankarpathia Logistics have been implemented since 2011 on an area of ​​14,000 square meters in Oradea.

Technology is the basis of operational processes. In our warehouses, inventory management is performed using an integrated WMS (Warehouse Management System). With the help of this system, the activity of the warehouses is optimized by determining the storage methods (block locations, pallet racks) and the internal organization of the spaces, placement of goods according to turnover, optimization of picking, processing input / output flows, reception.

Each operational flow is scanned for real-time control over existing stocks.

The warehouse is equipped with pallet racks. The goods are handled with the supplied forklifts with the possibility of lifting from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons and at a maximum height of 8.5 m.

The main logistics and warehousing services that are offered are:

  • storage
  • cross docking
  • reloading
  • picking
  • labeling
  • wrapping
  • document management
  • cold services

In addition, a strategic advantage is the possibility of allocating a separate, delimited space, depending on customer demand and need.

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